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United States -- The algemeiner -- July 11, 2017 -- Are Biased Textbooks Turning Young Americans Against Israel? Saudi Arabia -- New York Times -- July 11, 2017 -- Saudi Arabia to Offer Physical Education Classes for Girls India -- Huffington Post -- July 11, 2017 -- Gujarat Textbook‘s Printing Error Describes Roza As An ’Infectious Disease’ United States -- NPR -- July 11, 2017 -- Reading, Writing And Fracking? What The Oil Industry Teaches Oklahoma Students Japan -- Japan Today -- July 10, 2017 -- Full STEAM ahead: Emi Takemura takes on gender bias in education India -- The Hindu -- July 10, 2017 -- Video Shown to NInth Graders Contradicts Indian Government over ‘Contested’ Regions with China United States -- ABC WBAY -- July 10, 2017 -- Newly introduced bill would create curriculum for gun safety classes in high schools United States -- Arkansas Online -- July 8, 2017 -- Date set for trial on racial discrimination in Little Rock schools Pakistan -- Pacific Standard -- July 7, 2017 -- In Pakistan, these schools are putting morality back into the curriculum Indonesia -- Free Malaysia Today -- July 6, 2017 -- Indonesian schools breeding intolerance, says report North Korea -- Newsweek -- July 6, 2017 -- How North Korean Children are Taught to Hate Americans Europe -- UNESCO -- July 5, 2017 -- Prevention of violent extremism: the role of educational media Canada -- Edmonton Journal -- July 5, 2017 -- Education minister tasked with combating hate in Alberta Zimbabwe -- UNESCO -- July 4, 2017 -- Speaking out for gender equality in education: Evernice Munando Israel -- Al-Monitor -- July 4, 2017 -- How Israel’s education minister inserts ideology into schools UK -- Catholic Herald -- June 27, 2017 -- Catholic school adopts ‘gender neutral’ uniform policy, allowing boys to wear skirts India -- Times of India -- June 28, 2017 -- Study finds gender stereotypes aplenty in NCERT textbooks South Africa -- Africa News -- June 28, 2017 -- South African court rules against religious bias in state schools UK -- The Algemeiner -- June 26, 2017 -- Haredi Elementary School Fails Government Inspection for Not Teaching about Sexual Orientation UK -- The Sun -- June 26, 2017 -- Primary School Children ‘Shoot Targets’ with Plastic Guns at Firing Range after Meeting with Armed Cops Iran -- Deutsche Welle (DW) -- June 23, 2017 -- Education for All? Not in Iran Turkey -- The Telegraph (UK) -- June 23, 2017 -- Turkey will Stop Teaching Evolution in Schools, Education Ministry Says Swaziland -- UNESCO -- June 22, 2017 -- Joint Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Education and Training and Science, Technology and Innovation Underway in Swaziland Austria -- Daily Sabah (Turkey) -- June 22, 2017 -- Austrian Foreign Minister Calls for Closure of Muslim-Education Preschools USA -- LA Times -- June 22, 2017 -- Do New Texas Textbooks Whitewash Slavery and Segregation? India -- Hindustan Times -- June 20, 2017 -- Punjab Girls to Get Free Education from Kindergarten to PhD Africa -- The Conversation -- May 22, 2017 -- The Success of Post-Conflict Peace Studies Rests with Teaching Teachers Myanmar -- The Japan Times -- June 20, 2017 -- Myanmar Adopts New First-Grade Curriculum with Help from Japan USA -- Houston Chronicle -- June 20, 2017 -- Houston School Superintendent Floats Idea of Adding LGBTQ Issues to History Curriculum Rwanda -- The New Times ( -- June 19, 2017 -- Education Board Recalls Textbook Trivializing Genocide Egypt -- Middle East Monitor -- June 19, 2017 -- Egypt Removes Mention of 2011 Uprising from School Curriculum USA -- Atlanta Jewish Times -- June 19, 2017 -- Rabbi: Don’t Teach Christmas to Kindergarteners Nigeria -- The Cable -- June 16, 2017 -- Nigeria’s School Curriculum and the Outcry from Christian Leaders Japan -- The Japan Times -- June 16, 2017 -- Sexual Orientation Remains a Taboo Subject in Schools, Leaving Students in the Dark India -- The Times of India -- June 13, 2017 -- All School Boards to Move toward Common Core Curriculum Australia -- THE CONVERSATION -- June 12, 2017 -- History Textbooks still Imply that Australians are White India -- The Indian EXPRESS -- June 10, 2017 -- Derogatory Word for ‘Jesus’ in Replaced in Textbooks: Govt Orders Probe after Christians Protest Turkey -- ANADOLU POST -- June 8, 2017 -- Turkey Launches Project to School 230,000 Refugee Children Scotland -- THE SCOTSMAN -- June 8, 2017 -- Pupils ‘Act Out’ Terror Attack in Scottish School India -- Hindustan Times -- June 8, 2017 -- In New Rajasthan Textbooks, Ideologue Overshadows Gandhi and Nehru Southern Africa -- UNESCO -- June 7, 2017 -- Zambia Hosts Ugandan Delegation on Sexuality Education Exchange India -- Hindustan Times -- June 7, 2017 -- Textbook Sparks Sexism Controversy Pakistan -- Pakistan Observer -- June 3, 2017 -- Inculcation of Peace Education Lebanon -- YNET -- May 29, 2017 -- Hezbollah-Affiliated Paper Pans Government for Scrapping Palestinian Issue from Curriculum Iraq -- Al Jazeera -- May 27, 2017 -- Iraq Must Invest in Education to Secure its Future Thailand -- Bangkok Post -- May 26, 2017 -- Opinion: Thai Textbooks Get It Wrong Pakistan -- The Nation -- May 26, 2017 -- Opposition Leader Says Unity Needed to Defeat Extremist Mindset; Others Call for Changes in Curriculum West Africa -- UNESCO -- May 24, 2017 -- Education to Prevent Violent Extremism in West Africa and the Sahel


IMPACT-se researches school textbooks, teachers’ guides, and curricula to assess whether young people are being educated to accept others—be it their neighbors, minorities…

Who We Are

Schools are one of the most powerful tools to mitigate extremist influences. They are key to achieving the tolerant and open-minded societies of the future. But they can also be…


This IMPACT-se report examines the 2016–17 Palestinian Authority school curriculum, focusing on elementary school grades 1-4.  To a greater extent than the 2014–15 textbooks, the curriculum teaches students to be expendable martyrs, rejects negotiations, demonizes and denies the existence of Israel and focuses on a “return” to an exclusively Palestinian homeland.


IMPACT-se researches textbooks used in the Haredi curricula to promote a unique and separate cultural identity while  keeping  contact with  Israeli culture to a minimum. Though it fails to meet all of the UNESCO standards, Haredi education nevertheless offers some unique characteristics and advantages worth examining.


In July 2015, protesters throughout Turkey burned China’s flag, along with effigies of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong. On the same day, a group of Turkish Ultra-nationalists and Islamists gathered in central Istanbul to protest the alleged restrictions on Uyghur religious freedom in China.


This timely report updates Impact’s analysis of the current Israeli educational curriculum, particularly as relates to the Palestinian people and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It is based on the review of 123 state and state-religious textbooks, which were approved and recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education through the 2017 school year.

Israel Ministry of Education to Review Role of Religion in Textbooks

The Israeli Ministry of Education will be making changes to textbooks studied in the state (secular) schools that include references to Jewish religious observance. According to a July 2nd Haaretz article, this is the first time that criticisms of the Israeli NGO, The Secular Forum, have been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education. The Secular […]

The Haredi Challenge: From Resistance to Unity

The modern era presented a double threat to Jews. One, as argued by the Haredi movement, was that emancipation seemed to prescribe assimilation—what has sometimes been called a “poisonous kiss.” 

Turkey’s School Curriculum Crossroads

By Dr. Eldad Pardo and Marcus Sheff — In the latest report published in November 2016 by IMPACT-se analyzing Turkey’s school curriculum—and in what might be a surprise to many—

Daniel Taub in the Jerusalem Post — Palestinians’ Future is Not in Rewriting History

Palestinians may themselves pay the price for UNESCO’s rewriting of history, even if it seems like a success to Palestinian leadership. Once again, the UN organization charged with promoting intercultural understanding and preserving cultural heritage has airbrushed the connection between the Jewish people and its holiest sites. The Palestinian Authority, which spearheaded the campaign, has […]

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