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IMPACT-se researches school textbooks, teachers’ guides, and curricula to assess whether young people are being educated to accept others—be it their neighbors, minorities…

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Schools are one of the most powerful tools to mitigate extremist influences. They are key to achieving the tolerant and open-minded societies of the future. But they can also be…

  • Marcus Sheff’s TOI BlogMay 14, 2017
    “As IMPACT-se researchers worked through the Haredi curricula, a pattern emerged of a society that at every teachable moment, reinforces the barricades of separation, advocates the community’s exceptionalism and re-creates a milieu of pre-Shoah Europe and 1950s Israel.”
    The full report an be found here.

  • Newsweek — May 3, 2017
    “A new study of Palestinian textbooks finds that Palestinian children are being taught to glorify and value terrorism and violence. The study, called ‘Palestinian Elementary School Curriculum 2016–17: Radicalization and Revival of the PLO Program,’ was conducted by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (in Jerusalem) and can be found here.”

  • Council on Foreign Relations (Elliot Abrams ) — May 1, 2017
    Citing the violence and hatred taught to Palestinian children from a recent IMPACT-se report on the PA’s  Curriculum, Elliot Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies,  said, “That is not the way to prepare children for peace.”

  • The Times of Israel — April 13, 2017
    Proposed changes to textbooks by the UN agency, with schools teaching the PA curriculum to over 312,000 students, was welcomed by Israel and reportedly includes revised maps, a “balanced representation of Jerusalem,” and excision of messages seen as incitement. Cited is IMPACT-se’s latest report on the PA Curriculum.

  • The Times of Israel — April 3, 2017
    Citing “alarming deterioration” since a previous study, an IMPACT-se report published Sunday says PA’s elementary school textbooks deny Israel’s existence and urge a “return” to an exclusively Palestinian homeland.The new textbooks for grades 1-4 demonize Israel and glorify “martyrdom.”

  • The Jerusalem Post — April 3, 2017                        The latest Palestinian Authority elementary school textbooks are even more radical than previous editions, according to a report just issued by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se).

  • Hurriyet Daily News-– Jan. 26, 2017
    The Education Ministry’s draft for changes in the Turkish curriculum for the coming 2017-18 academic year, is set to reverse positive observations and conclusions found by IMPACT-se (report), in favor of enhanced Islamic education.


IMPACT-se researches textbooks used in the Haredi curricula to promote a unique and separate cultural identity while  keeping  contact with  Israeli culture to a minimum. Though it fails to meet all of the UNESCO standards, Haredi education nevertheless offers some unique characteristics and advantages worth examining.


This IMPACT-se report examines the 2016–17 Palestinian Authority school curriculum, focusing on elementary school grades 1-4.  To a greater extent than the 2014–15 textbooks, the curriculum teaches students to be expendable martyrs, rejects negotiations, demonizes and denies the existence of Israel and focuses on a “return” to an exclusively Palestinian homeland.


In July 2015, protesters throughout Turkey burned China’s flag, along with effigies of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong. On the same day, a group of Turkish Ultra-nationalists and Islamists gathered in central Istanbul to protest the alleged restrictions on Uyghur religious freedom in China.


This well-timed report monitors Turkish school textbooks published since the AKP’s (Justice and Development Party)  rise to power from 2002–15, with special emphasis on recent years (2013–15). The report examined 117 school textbooks covering subjects in the humanities, science, religious instruction and civics.

Turkey’s School Curriculum Crossroads

By Dr. Eldad Pardo and Marcus Sheff — In the latest report published in November 2016 by IMPACT-se analyzing Turkey’s school curriculum—and in what might be a surprise to many—

Daniel Taub in the Jerusalem Post — Palestinians’ Future is Not in Rewriting History

Palestinians may themselves pay the price for UNESCO’s rewriting of history, even if it seems like a success to Palestinian leadership.

Planning for Bigotry in Schools?

The parents at the Israeli national religious schools who objected to daily planners given to their children containing inflammatory messages, are to be lauded. They called out the bigotry being pushed onto their children unknowingly and through the back gate. Because of their forthrightness, an investigation by the Israeli Ministry of Education is now in […]

The Al-Aqsa Fire—The Dangers of Manipulative Education: What Can Be Done

Every year since 1969, during the hot month of August, Palestinian politicians and media have commemorated the “Al-Aqsa Mosque Arson.” A wave of declarations and condemnations then ensue.

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