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Newsroom: IMPACT-SE European Tour - November 2009

IMPACT-SE set out in November 2009 on a two-week tour to the UK, Belgium and Germany with the dual goals of raising awareness and demonstrating to European parliamentarians, policymakers, media and public the true nature of Hamas and its anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic ideology, in order to counter calls in Europe for dialog and engagement with the movement. In addition, IMPACT-SE set out to promote the Tunisian schoolbooks and their educational approach as a potential positive role model for other Arab and Muslim countries.

IMPACT-SE presented its findings at the British House of Commons, the European Parliament, and at a number of universities and research institutes, and held a successful press conference in Berlin which received very positive and extensive coverage. The goals of the tour were thus achieved at the political, academic and media/public opinion levels. Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al- Hussaini, who presented alongside IMPACT-SE team in London, and former jihadist and present-day Muslim reformer Dr. Tawfik Hamid, who was invited by IMPACT-SE to join its team in Brussels and Germany, contributed greatly to the success of the events and the interest shown in them by policymakers, civil society and the press.

Click here for a full report of the tour, country by country (pdf, 1.16 mb)

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