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IMPACT-SE in the Media

  • The Palestinian Textbook Fiasco
    The Tower Magazine - June 2013 (PDF version, 472 kb)
    "Every year, children in Gaza and the West Bank are taught to hate Jews and Israelis, while Israeli schools promote coexistence. A bizarrely biased, State Department-funded study won’t change that fact. [...] Victims of Our Own Narratives? [IMPACT-SE claims], simply ignores passages from Palestinian textbooks that are breathtaking in the danger they represent in an educational context, citing texts like the following, found in standard Palestinian textbooks..."
  • IMPACT-SE in Australian News
    "Hate v hate as peace is sidelined" - April 30, 2011
    "[T]he latest insight into incitement comes from a study of 118 textbooks issued by the Palestinian Authority [...] it is clear from the textbooks survey there is a school curriculum that refuses to acknowledge Israel or incites hostility towards Israelis and Jews. The survey [soon to be published on this website; click here for previous research on the PA textbooks] was done by Impact-SE, an independent research organisation whose advisory board includes Muslims, Jews and Christians. Its chief executive Shelly Elkayam summarised the research to Focus: 'The Palestinian Authority in an organised way has created a policy that is expressed in the textbooks in which there is no Jewish entity in the Middle East [...] What we are monitoring is not spontaneous expression of politicians or religious leaders, what we are studying, analysing and presenting is the product of the policy of the Palestinian Authority in educating their children," she says.'" Click here to read the full article (pdf version, 68 kb)
  • "Israel absent or only negative presence in PA textbooks"
    The Jerusalem Post - April 13, 2011 - PDF Version (100 kb)
    The Palestinian Authority still has a long way to go before textbooks in its schools begin to teach true coexistence with Israeli Jews, according to findings from a study released Tuesday. The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), which reviews textbooks from Israel, the Arab world and Iran, unveiled its 2011 report on PA school textbooks in a briefing with journalists at the headquarters of MediaCentral, in Jerusalem...
  • IMPACT-SE on German TV
    March 15, 2011
    IMPACT-SE's CEO Shelley Shandor Elkayam was interviewed by a newscast on German television about the widespread trend in Hamas education to deny the holocaust, as well about the tendency in their school education to deny reality and truth. Our point of view is that governmental authorities do not promote cultural understanding and cooperation by falsifying facts and by renaming sites which have been well-accepted for 1,700 years. Click here to see the video clip from the interview.
  • IMPACT-SE in the News
    January - February 2011
    IMPACT-SE's press release on Tunisian textbooks helped the media and the public understand that revolution starts with education, following the separation between religion and state. These, we suggested, brought about the new historical phenomenon. Our position papers have evolved the discourse by pointing to journalists and policy makers the difference between Egypt and Tunisia rooted in educational and cultural foundation:
    • Los Angeles Times: "Researchers see Tunisia as a textbook revolution"
      February 2, 2011 - PDF Version (193 kb)
      Revolutions seem to take place all of a sudden, but usually they don't really come out of the blue. Whether religious, political or economic reasons are behind upheaval, it often reflects a long process that reached a tipping point and a window of opportunity...
  • Media Reactions to IMPACT-SE November 2009 European Tour
    IMPACT-SE received much press coverage of its two-week tour to the UK, Belgium and Germany, which it set out with the goals of raising awareness and demonstrating to European parliamentarians, policymakers, media and public the true nature of Hamas; and of promoting the Tunisian schoolbooks and their educational approach as a potential positive role model.
  • "Texts of Hate" (pdf, 17 kb)
    FrontPage Magazine, March 13, 2008
  • "Does Iran have something in store?" (pdf, 50 kb) - Aug. 8, 2006
    An article by Bernard Lewis, cited from the Wall Street Journal, on the horrifying implications of the fanatical ideology of the present rule in Iran.