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IMPACT-SE's Latest News
  • "Inculcating Islamist Ideals in Egypt"
    The Middle East Quarterly - Fall 2015 (PDF, 333 kb)
    Dr. Yohanan Manor revisits the Egyptian curriculum of the Mubarak era and puts it in historical perspective. The article convincingly demonstrates how years of under-the-radar official Islamist mass education (featuring jihad and anti-Christian teachings) thwarted a smooth transformation to democracy in Egypt. Instead, this curriculum led to political turmoil, coupled with violence against the country's indigenous Coptic citizens. This research, published in the Middle East Quarterly, displays the critical role of education in shaping reality on the ground. Education and the attitudes of curricula toward others should be factored into any strategic analysis.
  • "Alternative to Hate Education: The Challenges of Activities beyond the Classroom"
    By IMPACT-SE - June 2015 (PDF, 500 kb)
    At a time when the Middle East is experiencing increased violence and cruelty toward women, children and the elderly, it is especially incumbent on us to invest all of our efforts to preserve our children’s sanity. The IMPACT-SE UNESCO-derived educational standards can serve as a beacon, lighting the way to a healthy new generation and future of peace. These standards should be applied both in the curriculum and in all school and educational activities. It is for us to rise to the challenge.
  • New Report: "Imperial Dreams: The Paradox of Iranian Education"
    By IMPACT-SE - May 2015
    In 2014-15 IMPACT-SE revisited Iranian school textbooks, covering the three academic years from 2012-15 and prepared this special interim report reflecting new developments in Iranian education. Unlike political and diplomatic declarations that are often propagated for diverse audiences and interests, education provides a clearer indicator as to where a country is heading.
  • New Report: Time-Tested Education for Peace: The Bible and the IMPACT-SE Methodology
    By IMPACT-SE - March 2014
    Education has an extremely long impact and religious education even more so. The influence of education lasts for generations. A new study conducted at IMPACT-SE examines The Biblical Saga of Jacob and Esau as a case study of a long-lasting educational text. The study demonstrates that this particular Biblical text positively influenced the relations between two neighboring Middle Eastern peoples for a millennium.


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