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IMPACT-SE's Latest News
  • New Report: Time-Tested Education for Peace: The Bible and the IMPACT-SE Methodology
    By IMPACT-SE - March 2014
    Education has an extremely long impact and religious education even more so. The influence of education lasts for generations. A new study conducted at IMPACT-SE examines The Biblical Saga of Jacob and Esau as a case study of a long-lasting educational text. The study demonstrates that this particular Biblical text positively influenced the relations between two neighboring Middle Eastern peoples for a millennium.


  • "Do civics studies in Israel teach democracy or intolerance?"
    The Jerusalem Post - October 30, 2013 (PDF Version, 942 kb)
    A new version of a civics textbook emphasizes Israel as a nation state rather than a democratic one – says Dr. Halleli Pinson from Haifa University in her recent Haaretz interview. Pinson will soon publish a report on the civics textbook To be Citizens in Israel in cooperation with the Dirasat Arab Center for Law and Policy....
  • The Palestinian Textbook Fiasco
    The Tower Magazine - June 2013 (PDF version, 472 kb)
    "Every year, children in Gaza and the West Bank are taught to hate Jews and Israelis, while Israeli schools promote coexistence. A bizarrely biased, State Department-funded study won’t change that fact. [...] Victims of Our Own Narratives? [IMPACT-SE claims], simply ignores passages from Palestinian textbooks that are breathtaking in the danger they represent in an educational context, citing texts like the following, found in standard Palestinian textbooks..."

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