Research Update reveals Lack of Change in Saudi Curriculum
By IMPACT-SE – July, 2008

The Saudi Arabian school curriculum has recently been at the eye of a media storm due to the controversy surrounding the Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia, and the pledge made by the Saudi government in 2006 to remove texts promoting intolerance, hatred and extremism from its curriculum by the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. In July, IMPACT-SE completed an update on its 2003 report on the Saudi curriculum. Its findings are striking: Significant progress has yet to be made, in stark contrast with the Arabian kingdom’s effort to present itself as a leading moderate power in the Middle East and the proponent of the 2002 Arab peace initiative.

Full Research Update (pdf, 668 kb)

sa2003The West, Christians and Jews in Saudi Arabian Schoolbooks
By IMPACT-SE (formerly CMIP) – January 2003

This report, undertaken with the cooperation of the American Jewish Committee, presents the official Saudi worldview, to which school students, between the ages of 6-16, are exposed.