Turkish Protesters Burn Chinese FlagNEIGHBORS AND RIVALS:
China in Turkey’s Educational System
IMPACT-se  Report  February 2017

In July 2015, protesters throughout Turkey burned China’s flag, along with effigies of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong. On the same day, a group of Turkish Ultra-nationalists and Islamists gathered in central Istanbul to protest the alleged restrictions on Uyghur religious freedom in China.

Report  (pdf 1.4 mb)

Turkey’s Curriculum Under Erdogan
IMPACT-se  Report  November 2016

This well-timed report monitors Turkish school textbooks published since the AKP’s (Justice and Development Party)  rise to power from 2002–15, with special emphasis on recent years (2013–15). The report examined 117 school textbooks covering subjects in the humanities, science, religious instruction and civics.

Report  (pdf 3 mb)