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IMPACT-SE's Reports: Egypt


"Inculcating Islamist Ideals in Egypt"
The Middle East Quarterly - Fall 2015 (PDF, 333 kb)

Dr. Yohanan Manor revisits the Egyptian curriculum of the Mubarak era and puts it in historical perspective. The article convincingly demonstrates how years of under-the-radar official Islamist mass education (featuring jihad and anti-Christian teachings) thwarted a smooth transformation to democracy in Egypt. Instead, this curriculum led to political turmoil, coupled with violence against the country's indigenous Coptic citizens. This research, published in the Middle East Quarterly, displays the critical role of education in shaping reality on the ground. Education and the attitudes of curricula toward others should be factored into any strategic analysis.


Jews, Christians, War and Peace in Egyptian School Textbooks
By IMPACT-SE - March 2004

This reports surveys 103 Egyptian textbooks for use in state schools and 16 textbooks for use in the religious Azharite school system. The majority of the books were published in 2002.

Read the Full Report:
    English (pdf, 12.8 mb)

Read the Report by Chapter:
    Table of Contents (pdf, 106 kb)
    Executive Summary (pdf, 151 kb)
    Introduction (pdf, 135 kb)
    Chapter 1: The Egyptian Educational System (pdf, 145 kb)
    Chapter 2: The General Attitude to Other Religions (pdf, 212 kb)
    Chapter 3: The Christian West (pdf, 696 kb)
    Chapter 4: The Copts (pdf, 1.31 mb)
    Chapter 5: The Jews (pdf, 292 kb)
    Chapter 6: The Palestinian Problem (pdf, 1.22 mb)
    Chapter 7: Israel (pdf, 9.24 mb)
    Chapter 8: Tolerance vs. Extremism (pdf, 252 kb)
    Chapter 9: The Attitude to Peace (pdf, 188 kb)
    Chapter 10: The Attitude to War (pdf, 150 kb)
    Chapter 11: Jihad and Martyrdom (pdf, 187 kb)
    Chapter 12: Terror (pdf, 311 kb)
    Conclusion (pdf, 148 kb)
    List of Sources (pdf, 106 mb)


  • Press Release: "A Comparative Analysis of Egypt's, Tunisia's and Iran's Schoolbooks"
    English (pdf, 43 kb) - French (pdf, 43 kb) - Hebrew (PDF, 52kb)
    By IMPACT-SE - February 2011
    Synopsis - Israel and Tunisia rank highest in education for tolerance and peace in the Middle East. This is the finding of pioneering survey conducted by IMPACT-SE, which shows that Tunisia has instituted educational reforms and is no less tolerant than Israel. On the other hand, the curriculum of the Egyptian school system, still in grip of the al-Azhar clerics, does not teach democratic values, lowering the chances for the emergence of a liberal democratic government in Egypt. Iran ranked lowest. Read more...
    Go to IMPACT-SE in the Media for media reactions to the press release.
  • "'Intolerant textbooks may prevent democracy in Egypt"
    The Jerusalem Post - February 1, 2011 (PDF, 96 kb)
    Study: Israel and Tunisia rank highest on Mideast tolerance index, while Egyptian curricula deny Israel's existence, emphasize war narratives...