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IMPACT-SE's Reports: Iran

IMPACT-SE (formerly CMIP) published the following reports on the Iranian schoolbooks:

Imperial Dreams: The Paradox of Iranian Education
Special Interim Report - May 2015

In 2014-15 IMPACT-SE revisited Iranian school textbooks, covering the three academic years from 2012-15 and prepared this special interim report reflecting new developments in Iranian education.

Unlike political and diplomatic declarations that are often propagated for diverse audiences and interests, education provides a clearer indicator as to where a country is heading. Schoolbooks are measures of a society; one educates children in one’s own language and shares with them a worldview and cultural and moral values.

The Iranian education curriculum includes a long list of troubling features. It speaks defense, but often means aggression and hate. It teaches love and intimate relations with God, but manipulates students' deepest emotions—toward martyrdom, self-sacrifice, jihad war and blind obedience to the all-powerful Supreme Leader. It nurtures Imperial Dreams based on a radical religious ideology and an essentialist-racial worldview predicated on Aryan-Persian superiority. It encourages dissimulation and nurtures fantasies such as the paranormal powers of the leadership and the imminent apocalyptic final battle against the "oppressors of the world."

    Executive Summary (pdf, 680 kb)
    Full Report (pdf, 3.1 mb)

The Attitude to the 'Other' and to Peace in Iranian School
and Teachers' Guides
October 2006

Special thanks to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation
for enabling us to distribute the full report.

Read an Overview of the Report:
    English (pdf, 468 kb)
    French (pdf, 504 kb)
    German (pdf, 150 kb)

Read the Full Report:
    English (pdf, 6.76 mb)

Read the Report by Chapter:
    Table of Contents (pdf, 126 kb)
    Overview (pdf, 126 kb)
    Introduction (pdf, 126 kb)
    Chapter 1: The Iranian Education System (pdf, 121 kb)
    Chapter 2: The Attitude to Other Religions (pdf, 747 kb)
    Chapter 3: The West (pdf, 1.48 mb)
    Chapter 4: The Jews and Israel (pdf, 1.88 mb)
    Chapter 5: Other 'Others' (pdf, 641 kb)
    Chapter 6: Peace and War (pdf, 1 mb)
    Chapter 7: Jihad (pdf, 263 kb)
    Chapter 8: Martyrdom (pdf, 1.51 mb)
    Conclusion (pdf, 111 kb)
    List of Sources (pdf, 104 kb)

Related Readings:

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    English (pdf, 43 kb) - French (pdf, 43 kb) - Hebrew (pdf, 52kb)
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    Synopsis - Israel and Tunisia rank highest in education for tolerance and peace in the Middle East. This is the finding of pioneering survey conducted by IMPACT-SE, which shows that Tunisia has instituted educational reforms and is no less tolerant than Israel. On the other hand, the curriculum of the Egyptian school system, still in grip of the al-Azhar clerics, does not teach democratic values, lowering the chances for the emergence of a liberal democratic government in Egypt. Iran ranked lowest. Read more...
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  • IMPACT-SE's Report on Iranian Textbooks Discussed on Iranian VOA Program (Video)
    March 25, 2008
    IMPACT-SE participated in an hour long discussion on the popular Persian program "Round Table," produced by Voice of America (VOA), regarding the Iranian school curriculum and IMPACT-SE's report. Dr. Saeed Paivandi of Paris-8 University, who just published a similar report regarding Iran's educational system under the Islamic regime for the Freedom House, also participated.
  • Discussion Panel on "Iranian Textbooks: Preparing Iranís Children for Global Jihad"
    Hudson Institute, Washington, DC, March 10, 2008
    As debates rage about Iranís nuclear intentions, educational textbooks may serve as one of the more candid guides for discerning this regimeís worldview and ideology. IMPACT-SE researchers covered the Iranian reportís detailed findings and discussed the implications for the United States and the rest of the international community.
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  • IMPACT-SE's Report on Iran in the World Media (last updated: March 2008)
    This is a partial list of news articles and blogs, in several languages, that followed presentations of IMPACT-SE's report on Iranian schoolbooks in several major cities in Europe and in the US. The report was mentioned in a wide spectrum of news media worldwide.
  • "Jihadist indoctrination in the schools" (pdf 14 kb)
    Washington Times, by Nir Boms, December 17, 2007
    A new U.S. intelligence assessment suggests that Iran may have halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that its weapons program remains on hold. This revelation has created much consternation in Congress on both sides of the aisle.
  • IMPACT-SE Presents its Report on Iran in Europe and in the USA
    (PowerPoint Presentation, pdf, 1.78 mb)
    Between November 14 and 20, 2007, IMPACT-SE and a member of the Executive Board, Nir Boms, presented the findings of IMPACT-SE's report on Iranian school textbooks in the US Congress and before several other bodies in Washington DC, New-York and Los-Angeles. Previously, between January 30 and February 8, 2007, IMPACT-SE presented the report in several major cities in Europe (click here to see pictures).
  • "State Sponsored Child Abuse in Iran: Iran’s violations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child" (pdf, 155 kb)
    By IMPACT-SE and Nir Boms - November 7, 2007
    As this paper shows, Iran is committing serious violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child while cynically remaining a signatory. It has an intricate system of legislation that enables the government to veto its own constitution that secures children’s rights. It is endangering children by encouraging them to seek death and is instilling in them hatred toward different cultures and religions via its education curriculum.
  • Testimony of an Iranian Woman: Ms. Ghazal Omid
    On February 8, 2007, Ms. Ghazal Omid--Human Rights, Women Rights and political activist, author of Living in Hell, and a Shi'a Islam scholar--presented her testimony at the British House of Commons, as an Iranian woman who had experienced the Iranian educational system.