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Support Our Work

Our annual income comes entirely from donations.

Over the years, these donations allowed IMPACT-SE to become one of the world's leading organizations in the study of curriculum. IMPACT-SE also became an influential policy-oriented NGO affecting change through the active promotion of its findings in the media and through briefings and activities among decision-makers in Israel, the US, the European Union, and other centers of influence.

Thanks to our donors and partners, this year alone we were able to produce reports on the changing status of Rachel's Tomb in Palestinian Authority textbooks, the newest PA textbooks, the state of Christians in the Middle East, and the overarching Muslim identity in Egypt (all soon available here on our website). Not to mention the various presentations we were able to make at international conferences, briefings, interviews, and meetings with emissaries; as well as the purchase of many new textbooks and the cataloguing of our library. Read our progress report for 2011-2012 (pdf, 854 kb) for more detail.

We wish to thank all of you for your kind generosity and continuous support to our organization. Your contribution to IMPACT-SE today helps secure a more peaceful future for the children of tomorrow.

To enable us to make even more of an impact in school education in the coming year, please consider the following options:

Donate or Purchase a Textbook
Textbooks are the essential basis of IMPACT-SE's research. Donating actual textbooks or sending a contribution that will allow us to purchase textbooks will allow us to continue our research. You can donate texbooks by sending them to us directly (contact us for more detail). Or you can send us a donation to purchase one or several textbooks using our PEF Tax-Deductible Donation Form.

Sponsor a Research Project
IMPACT-SE's research projects for 2012 include:
- Muslim Schools in the USA
- Palestinian Authority Textbooks
- Iranian Textbooks
- Turkish Textbooks
Any contribution toward the realization of these projects will allow us to fund the research, writing, translation and promotion of our findings. You can send us your donation using our PEF Tax-Deductible Donation Form.
Help Maintain our Library
Keeping every book cataloged and organized as IMPACT-SE's library grows is an increasingly important and time-consuming task. Helping us cover the cost of a librarian will allow us to maintain our most valuable asset. You can do so using our PEF Tax-Deductible Donation Form.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thanking you for your support,
Jean-Claude Niddam