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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is IMPACT-SE politically affiliated?

A: No. We are a non-profit NGO and a non-political research institute.

2. Q: What are IMPACT-SE's goals?
A: We aim to encourage and advance peace-promoting messages in curricula all over the world and to discourage racist or violence-endorsing contents.

3. Q: How does IMPACT-SE's work help promote Peace and Tolerance in the Middle East?
A: IMPACT-SE not only researches and monitors curricula, it also raises awareness about the messages that appear in textbooks by publishing its findings online and in the media. IMPACT-SE further promotes change by providing information and recommendations to academics, government officials, parliament members throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East as well as organizations such as the European Union and the Middle East Quartet. To view our past accomplishments, please see our recent Progress Report.

4. Q: What are the standards according to which IMPACT-SE monitors and analyses textbooks?
A: IMPACT-SE's forte is its research methodology, which focuses solely on the texts and their rhetoric, and analyzes them according to specific applied educational standards founded on UNESCO declarations, recommendations and documents about education for peace and tolerance. Our methodology is designed to take into account every detail within the textbooks; it does not paraphrase, rely on interpretations or attempt to illustrate preconceived notions. For more information and the specific analysis criteria, see our Methodology page.

5. Q: Where can I find information about your research and findings?
A: Our newest and previous reports are on our Reports page. Additional material include articles and papers, or interviews, testimonies and speeches.

6. Q: How can I help?
A: We welcome all forms of support. You may:

a. Share our reports and press releases with your friends, colleagues, decision makers and the media;
b. Help fund one of our ongoing projects;
c. Donate (new or recently published) textbooks;
d. Volunteer at IMPACT-SE;
e. Be an intern at IMPACT-SE;
f. Contribute to our research using our extensive library, knowledge and experience;
g. Join IMPACT-SE.

7. Q: How can I contact IMPACT-SE?
A: The best way to contact us is via email: We will get back to you as soon as possible. On matters of contributions, media and internship, please write to: or call +972-(0)52-619-3227.

8. Q: How can I donate funds to IMPACT-SE?
A: IMPACT-SE is a recognized non-profit organization. Donations can be made through the PEF (Palestine Endowment Fund). For more information, see our Support Us section or contact our Director of Operations Yael Teff-Seker at

9. Q: Can I be an intern at IMPACT-SE?
A: Yes. We accept interns who either speak English and Hebrew (preferably both) and can help with administrative work; or who speak either one of these languages and have a high level of Arabic, Farsi or Turkish. Please contact our Director of Operations Yael Teff-Seker if you wish to be an intern at our institute: