A New Jersey High School Grapples with Increase of Hate Crimes in America

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or inserted earplugs during the recent US election season, you surely must have noticed that the volume has risen considerably on even the most ordinary of political debates. But a recent FBI report addresses how all the yelling and screaming has now taken another step—into hate crimes.  Complete Article HERE

Cameroon’s Disabled Rally for Peace

Martin Ndende simply went to educate children in the country’s English-speaking regions, when he was attacked by armed separatists, resulting in an amputated hand. He was among dozens of disabled Cameroonians protesting near the Ministry of Defense against the killing of handicapped people because he says “true patriots and loving parents would never accept to compromise the education of their children. Even in war-torn countries, children are protected and allowed their right to education.”  See Full Article HERE

Anti-Semitism, Diaspora Private Schools & Accountability: A Microcosm

In September 2018, Canada’s Bishop Strachan School, under it’s newly appointed headmistress, produced a “satire” on The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare’s controversial play about Jews, where the audience was hysterically provoked to “participate” — by yelling such phrases as ”burn the Jews,” “burn their books,” and to hurl vile anti-Semitic epithets at the Jewish students in their midst.   See Full Article HERE