Madrassa Students

Madrassas In Pakistan: Essential For Literacy And Economic Elevation

Madrassas, in the West, are considered dens of terror and are held responsible for inciting extremism and terrorism. This picture presented today is not entirely correct as the madrassa educational system has a rich history. In recent times, however, some of the madrassas have indeed been used for negative purposes intentionally or unintentionally; but reformed and modern madrassas are required in Pakistan to educate the highly illiterate young population … Complete Article HERE

Eton Private School students walking to and from class

Private Schools Can Serve the Public Well

I would welcome a debate about the role of independent schools within our education system. In particular, I would like us to consider how such schools could become engines of social mobility, rather than privilege, to ensure that “the might of private schools” can be harnessed for the benefit of all. … Not all of the pupils who attend private schools come from wealthy families. Many hard-working parents pay for their children with special educational needs to go to small independent day schools for the kind of help they do not get in state schools.   Complete Article HERE

"Optimism, trust and curiosity build peace, inspire deeper learning and empower youths" superimposed on picture of pink and white daisies

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Shaping Diverse Lives

Our social and cultural backgrounds shape our lives and can deeply and personally influence how we behave and treat others. Possibly one of the most difficult challenges many teachers face is recognizing the power dynamics between themselves and their students, as well as between the students themselves. Having grown up in an education system in which I was a minority and faced discrimination, this aspect took a central role during my time leading the classroom later in my life. Complete Article HERE

Drawing of 2 children playing video game together

UN Workshops Help Students Design Course Curriculum Through Online Games

A UN research institute has begun a series of workshops to offer a platform to children, ages 14-17, using digital games to design their own curriculum. By using game elements, students are learning about climate change, gender roles, economic equality and more. The program, where participants access a digital platform utilizing artificial intelligence, is available to students in both private and public schools.   Complete Article HERE

Women, seated in picture at conference

Education Key to Eradicate Violence Against Women in Yucatán

“Education for Peace, Transformation of Conflicts, Breaking the Cycles of Violence,” was the topic of a recent workshop held by the government-sponsored Women’s Secretariat (SEMUJERES). “Through proper training and strengthening of tools for people working to eradicate violence against women, the Government of Yucatán complies with the tenets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” said the head of the General Secretariat of Government (SGG), María Fritz Sierra.    Complete Article HERE