Israelis protesting Peretz re: LGBTQ

LGBTQ Teachers Threaten Strike Unless ‘Dangerous’ Education Minister Sacked

Thousands of teachers in Israel have signed a petition demanding that Education Minister Rafi Peretz be sacked for openly backing therapy aimed at converting gays to heterosexuality. Peretz, a rabbi who leads the Union of Right-Wing Parties, sparked an uproar after telling Channel 12 in an interview over the weekend that he supports conversion therapy and has been involved in it. His statement drew widespread criticism from across the political spectrum, protests and calls for him to be fired. Complete Article HERE

Wall of Remembrence: PEW- States Teaching Holocaust

As Hate Incidents Rise, States Require Teaching the Holocaust

Ignorance about the Holocaust is growing, particularly among young people. A survey last year showed that two-thirds of U.S. millennials were not familiar with Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp complex, located near Krakow, Poland. James Waller, a professor of Holocaust and genocide studies at Keene State College in New Hampshire, said there is merit to teaching in “ways that connect the Holocaust and genocide with everyday people—in dehumanizing, ‘other-izing,’ discrimination and so on. … I think when teachers are intentional about those connections, I think it can do some good,” he said. “It is when the course is just taught as history that it makes it easy for students to say, ‘It happened then, it happened there, it has no relevance here.’”   Complete Article  HERE

WAPCF participants gather for a picture

Africa: How The Teachings of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Inspire Ghana’s Youth

Wisdom Addo from Ghana is the executive director for West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation. Addo has over seven years of experience working with young people in schools and communities—mobilizing and training them on peace building, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and community developments. His foundation is helping young people in Ghana build on these skills while also promoting peace, tolerance and respect for human rights in schools and communities. Complete Article HERE