Tunisian Students in Classroom

Tunisia Becomes First Arab Country to Introduce Sex Education in Schools

Tunisia will become the first country in the Arab world to introduce sex education at schools, according to Arzak Khaneetch, executive director of the Tunisian Association of Reproductive Health. Her organization partnered up with the United Nations Population Fund and the Arab Institute for Human Rights to start this initiative under the umbrella of Tunisia’s education ministry. Sex education will be embedded in different parts of the curriculum as opposed to having one subject that is fully dedicated to the discipline. “We will carry out the plan based on the ages of the children … throughout the whole time, we emphasize consent and safety,” says Khaneetch.  The curriculum will be appropriate to age, culturally and religiously sensitive and simplified for younger children, focusing on messages of awareness to protect them from harassment.  Complete Article HERE

Former PM Tony Blair at recent Lisbon Summit

Tony Blair Calls for Global Education Charter to Fight Extremism

Tony Blair has called for a dramatic increase in resources for education that combats extremism in a report that says learning is an underappreciated tool to deploy against violent ideologies. The report titled “Teaching Tolerance: How to Educate Against Extremism,” issued by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change said it hoped to a launch a charter for education reform that nations could sign up to as part of the UN Global Goals. The principles in the charter would seek to address the threat from radicalization in the early years of life, an aspect that security polices had not so far confronted on a world widewide scale. By redressing the imbalance between military and financial responses to extremism, the initiative hopes for an antidote to the spread of hate… Complete Article HERE

Director of Community Violence Reduction, Shonna Majors giving speech with chief of police and mayor of Bellamy Park, IN

Early Childhood Education Can Prevent Violence Later in Life

If we are committed to preparing our children to be productive members of society, we must include character building in the curriculum. Our youth are our future—and the more we can invest in their education and character building at an early age, the more likely they are to succeed. Early childhood education is critical for the formation of good school habits, learning habits, and the ability to thrive in a school environment. Parents and teachers play an important role in establishing how best to help each child learn, as well as providing them with creative tools to help them cope with trauma and the ups and downs of life.  Complete Article  HERE