Image: Row of old books in Russian on sale in book stall

Russia’s Latest Effort to Sway Young Minds: High-School Textbooks Praising the Conflict in Ukraine

The country’s Ministry of Education this week unveiled new history textbooks with sections about what it calls the “special military operation” in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and Western sanctions. Critics say the move is a part of a sustained effort to indoctrinate school children and stifle any independent thinking.

The new textbooks endorse this narrative and include maps that show occupied regions in Ukraine as being part of Russia. Photos of the books published by state media show they call Ukraine an “ultranationalist state” where all dissent is persecuted and “everything Russian is declared hostile.” Elsewhere, the authors tell students that when they look for information about Ukraine on the internet, they should remember that there is a “global industry for the production of staged videos and fake photos and videos.” Complete article HERE