• "IMPACT-SE Progress Report 2011-2012" (pdf, 854 kb)

    By IMPACT-SE – September 2012
    This report includes information on who we are; what we do; 2012 – a period of transition; our success stories; our research projects in 2011-2012; our challenges for 2013; and our news items, briefings, lectures and conferences in 2011-2012.

  • Palestinian Authority School Textbooks, 2011: A Draft Report on Attitudes toward Israel and the Jews; Peace and Non-Violence; the West Gender and the Environment

    By IMPACT-SE – May 2011, published online in August 2012 (languages available: English, Arabic)pa2011-2
    Attached is a draft report on 117 school textbooks of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA), from grade 1 to grade 12, issued depicting attitudes towards Jews and Israel, Peace and Non-Violence as well as Gender and the Environment. The school textbooks include 70 student books and 22 teacher guides issued by the PA Ministry of Education along with 25 student books issued by the PA Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Religious Affairs. All the 118 books and guides are in current use at the PA schools.

  • "Incitement or peace education?"

    The Jerusalem Post – June 23, 2012 (PDF Version, 1.06 mb)jpost-june2012
    A new report published by the office of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad claims that “Israeli textbooks foster hate” and that “Israeli schools teach [from] racist textbooks.” While studying the issue of incitement with the aim of decreasing it on both sides is a worthwhile undertaking, a closer look at such discourse is also due…

  • "Books, Incitement and Incitement Reports"

    The Commentator – June 11, 2012 (PDF Version, 1.10 mb)commentator-june2012
    Although the Israeli Ministry of Education should continue to re-evaluate and improve the books it approves, claiming incitement where there is none, is really a form of incitement in itself.
    Version francaise publiee par Metula News Agency (PDF, 72 kb)

  • IMPACT-SE on "Overcoming UNESCO Shortcomings - Proposing A New Methodology for Textbook Research"

    Lecture at GEI-Colloquium – May 2, 2012 (PDF Version, 36 kb)
    geiArticle I 3 of UNESCO constitution, states that “with a view to preserving the independence, integrity and fruitful diversity of the cultures and educational systems of the States Members […] the Organization is prohibited from intervening in matters which are essentially within their domestic jurisdiction”. Hence UNESCO monitoring is limited to sending non-mandatory questionnaires to which many member states do not respond, and it has no way to verify any answers submitted. In 2010, IMPACT-SE Institute, as an expert in schoolbook monitoring, was put in contact by the Chirac Foundation with UNESCO officials in charge of the Global Report “Education for All” in view of supplementing its content, which is mostly quantitative, with qualitative data referring to respect of others, promotion of tolerance and peaceful resolution of conflicts. This lecture focused on IMPACT-SE’s methodology of six research.