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Toward a Turkish-Kurdish Peace—The Role of Education

There have been many reasons offered for the failure of the Turkish-Kurdish Peace Process in 2015, some of which will be examined. Given the recent Turkish elections and the likelihood of renewed discussions, there can be no doubt that education will play an important role if a serious reconciliation is to be achieved. The way […]

Teaching Hatred Has Consequences

A national curriculum is the main tool with which a nation prepares its young generation for the future. Steady, systematic and authoritative education along a clearly charted line for twelve consecutive years imprints an indelible worldview on the new generation. There are consequences to what children learn in school. If a curriculum teaches hate and […]

One Year after the Nuclear Deal: A Troubling Curriculum in Iran

One year has elapsed since the July 14, 2015 ceremonial conclusion of the Iran Nuclear Deal, officially designated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The Iran Deal was one of the most controversial agreements in recent history. Interestingly, neither supporters nor opponents have disagreed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is led by a […]

New Civics Education Textbook for Israel, and an (Inevitable) Public Uproar

The preparation and ensuing debate over the new 516-page civics textbook for Israeli students has raged more than five years. The raucous debate involved  national press and radical websites, on both the left and the right. An intense discussion fulminated in the comparatively new Academia-IL, the nation-wide email forum of Israel’s leading scientists and scholars.