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In respect to UNRWA’s latest statement on our report reviewing UNRWA-branded school materials, labeled for use in 2022, below is an executive summary. Given that UNRWA chose to reach out in its statement to IMPACT-se for guidance on the reviewed material, we felt compelled to provide additional information. Although not within the scope of our […]

IMPACT-se Review: The Georg Eckert Institute Report on the Palestinian Curriculum

The 2021 Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research report into Palestinian Authority textbooks is a welcome addition to the corpus of knowledge about the most recent iteration of the Palestinian national curriculum. Commissioned by the European Union, this report identifies many of the same systemic problems that other research institutes have brought to light […]

IMPACT-se Review of Sikkuy Report: “Representation of Arab Society in Educational Materials of Jewish Israeli Schools”

The Israeli NGO, Sikkuy, has published a brief report in Hebrew, Arabic and English on the depiction of Israeli Arab citizens in the textbooks used by Jewish Israeli schools. IMPACT-se welcomes many of Sikkuy’s policy recommendations, including the need for more representation of Israeli Arabs/Palestinians in the Israeli Hebrew curricula. The report is highly limited […]

More Emphasis on LGBT Needed in Our Analysis

The appalling massacre at Pulse, the gay club in Orlando, Florida yesterday, fills us all with a terrible sorrow and pain. Forty-nine people who went out to enjoy themselves have lost their lives and almost 53 others were taken to hospitals, following the worst mass shooting in US history.