Education Minister Announces Amazigh Language to be Taught to All Moroccan Children by 2029

Morocco’s Minister of Education announced that all Moroccan children will study the minority Amazigh language by 2029. The ministry confirmed the creation of 600 new training spots for Amazigh language teachers in December 2023, up from 400 in 2022.Currently, Amazigh is taught in 1,803 primary schools, serving approximately 746,000 students across the country. The ministry aims for 50% coverage of Amazigh language teaching by the 2025-2026 academic year, aspiring to reach 12,000 institutions and benefit around four million students by 2030.  Complete Article HERE.

Emanuel Macron

France’s Bold Education Reform: Macron’s Plan for New Curriculum, Screen-Time Limits, and Uniforms

France’s President Emmanuel Macron has discussed a series of ambitious education reforms. These include the introduction of a new curricular reform which will include a greater focus on civics to improve national cohesion, and ensure that students learn “what the Republic means – a history, duties, rights, a language, respect.” Other reforms include strict regulations on screen time in schools, and the implementation of compulsory uniforms. The reforms reflect a broader vision to adapt the educational system to contemporary challenges, and prepare students for a rapidly evolving world. Complete Article HERE.