IMPACT-SE Presentation at the European Union Parliament:
The Way to Peace in the Middle East
November 11, 2008

EU2008IMPACT-SE’s presented some of its latest research at a breakfast briefing at the European Parliament on November 11, entitled: “The Way to Peace in the Middle East: the Role of School Education and Cultural Tolerance through Schoolbooks.” The presentation highlighted the contrast between the two prevailing currents in Middle Eastern education in the area of education for tolerance and peace, as evident in recent IMPACT-SE reports and research: the extremist curricula of Hamas and Saudi Arabia versus the more tolerant stream represented by Tunisian and Israeli curricula. The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session attended by Members of the European Parliament, a representative of the European Commission, Egyptian and Lebanese representatives and various civil society activists. Much enthusiasm was expressed by several Members of the European Parliament over the positive example embodied in the Tunisian curriculum, laying the foundations for future events at the European Parliament surrounding the concept of education for peace and tolerance in the Middle East.

Read the PowerPoint Presentation: English (pdf, 297 kb)