“Egypt Enhances It’s Peace Education, One Step at a Time”

IMPACT-se Egyptian-Students-300x180 Egypt  By Ofir Winter — March 3, 2016
Ofir Winter’s IMPACT-se-commissioned response to the February 17, 2016 Times of Israel article titled “In a First, New Egyptian Schoolbook Teaches Peace Deal with Israel.”                      IMPACT-se Brief

“Inculcating Islamist Ideals in Egypt”
The Middle East Quarterly – Fall 2015 (PDF, 333 kb)

IMPACT-se mubarak-300x191 Egypt  Dr. Yohanan Manor revisits the Egyptian curriculum of the Mubarak era and puts it in historical perspective. The article convincingly demonstrates how years of under-the-radar official Islamist mass education (featuring jihad and anti-Christian teachings) thwarted a smooth transformation to democracy in Egypt. Instead, this curriculum led to political turmoil, coupled with violence against the country’s indigenous Coptic citizens. This research, published in the Middle East Quarterly, displays the critical role of education in shaping reality on the ground. Education and the attitudes of curricula toward others should be factored into any strategic analysis

Previous Survey

IMPACT-se egypt Egypt  Jews, Christians, War and Peace in Egyptian School Textbooks
By IMPACT-se — March 2004

This reports surveys 103 Egyptian textbooks for use in state schools and 16 textbooks for use in the religious Azharite school system. The majority of the books were published in 2002.

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