Time-Tested Education for Peace: The Bible and the IMPACT-se Methodology

By IMPACT-se – March 2014
(Lecture originally given at a conference on religious education at Konya, Turkey, 2014)

Education has an extremely long impact and religious education even more so. The influence of education lasts for generations. A new study conducted at IMPACT-SE examines The Biblical Sagaof Jacob and Esau as a case study of a long-lasting educational text. The study demonstrates that this particular Biblical text positively influenced the relations between two neighboring Middle Eastern peoples for a millennium.

The effectiveness of the UNESCO-based IMPACT-se methodology is dramatically validated, this time against the background of Biblical scholarship.
Our conclusion: Religious education can serve as a force for peace and coexistence.

“The one concerned with days, plants wheat;
with years, plants trees;
with generations, educates people.”
Janusz Korczak.