Unity In Diversity: The Indonesian Curriculum
Image: Skyline of Jakarta, Indonesia

This IMPACT-se report offers a first-of-its-kind insight into the Indonesian curriculum for grades 1–12. This covers textbooks on religion, civics, history, social studies, environmental studies, globalization, and geography. The research explores how specific lessons, images and exercises portray and shape attitudes toward international relations, officially recognized and non-recognized religions, gender equality, local languages and cultures, and ethnic minorities. It evaluates the ways in which the state philosophy of Pancasila promotes national values of unity within diversity; religious and social harmony; humility; the importance of local wisdom; and respect toward other nations. This analysis looks at 169 textbooks taught in the Standard Public Track, schools run by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, which make up 85 percent of all students.  The report focuses on five thematic categories: “Pancasila: One God, Unity-in-Diversity,” “Religious Communities in Indonesia,” “Minorities and the ‘Other’,” “International Relations,” and “Local and Ethnic Wisdom.” Report