IMPACT-SE set out in May 2009 to present its findings on Al-Fateh, the Hamas Web Magazine for Children in Belgium, France and Spain. The object of the tour was to help stem the growing trend in Europe calling for dialog and engagement with Hamas, by raising awareness and demonstrating to European parliamentarians and policymakers the true nature of Hamas and its anti-Western, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic ideology, so that they take it into account when considering changing official Quartet policy of non-recognition and non-engagement vis-à-vis Hamas… [Read more about the European tour (pdf, 701 kb)].

As part of, and following IMPACT-SE’s presentations across Europe, several articles and interviews were published in the media in Arabic, English, French and Spanish, including:



  • “The True Nature of Hamas” (radio interview, mp3, 11.6 mb)
    Radio Sefarad, May 16, 2009
    Radio interview of Professor Muhammad Dajani Daoudi of the moderate Palestinian Islamic movement ‘Wasatia’ and IMPACT-SE.