IMPACT-SE (formerly CMIP) presented its latest report — “Palestinian Textbooks: from Arafat to Abbas and Hamas” — at Jerusalem’s Media Central, to 18 journalists of the international press, as well as Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, on June 3, 2008.

Following the presentation, detailing the concluding analysis of the seven-year Palestinian Authority schoolbook publication project, IMPACT-SE joined in a lively question and answer session, which spilled over into informal discussions, long after the presentation had ended.

Associated Press Correspondent Diaa Hadid’s coverage of the event was picked up by over 120 media outlets worldwide, including the International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post and Fox News, to name a few. It is worthwhile noting that the response to the report by the spokesman for Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad included a “call for tolerance” in PA textbooks — resonating one of the principal goals of IMPACT-SE.

Below is a partial list of other news articles on IMPACT-SE’s latest report on the Palestinian schoolbooks: