A pioneer in the field of textbook analysis, IMPACT-se presents a clear picture of how different countries educate young people in relation to religions, societies, cultures, democratic values and the Other. It is dedicated to peacemaking between peoples and nations by encouraging the acceptance of others and rejection of violent conflict.

IMPACT-se aims to prevent radicalization of children and youth—the most vulnerable members of society. We believe that children should be nurtured and prepared for futures of hope, success and happiness and taught to embrace mutual respect and the acceptance of others.

We are a not-for-profit organization. Fulfillment of our mission depends on the assistance and generosity of private individuals and leading foundations. Gifts by donors allow IMPACT-se to ensure the excellence of its work and affect the change so necessary today to remove incitement and hate from education.

You can send us your donation using our PEF Tax-Deductible Donation Form, by using CAUSEMATCH below or get in touch with Marcus Sheff at Marcus.Sheff@impact-se.org.

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Schools are key to achieving the tolerant and open-minded societies of the future. But they can also be where negative influences—skewed historical narratives, hatred of others, gender inequalities and even political violence—can take root. IMPACT-se (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education) is a world leader in researching, translating and exposing intolerance in school textbooks, while advocating for positive change. Your generous gift will allow IMPACT to continue on it’s path to bring peace and tolerance education to our children.