Stack of books saying: These books. are waiting. to be. written.

Using Creative Writing to Inculcate Peace in Nigerian Youth

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) will collaborate with the education sector to help youths embrace peace in the country, using poetry and short story books. The director general of IPCR, Bakut Bakut, said that the project was designed to inculcate the culture of peaceful coexistence in the minds and thoughts of youth and also as part of efforts to mainstream peace into the secondary school curriculum. The program will include: nationwide literary competition on poetry and short story books for secondary schools as well as a conference on youth, peace and security with a public presentation of the books and award to winners in each category of books included in the secondary school curriculum. Andy Nkemneme, chairman of the Poetry and Short Stories for Peace-Building Committee added, “We need to start talking to them at a young age so they do not become a recruitment ground for insurgency, cultism and various vices in the country,” he said. Complete Article HERE